Handmade jewellery for the mindful wanderer.

Handmade jewellery for the mindful wanderer.

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There is is a roughness yet delicate nature to the pieces reflecting every curve and bump of its natural counter part…

As I sit in the Urban sprawls of Melbourne….I wear the ocean and feel it…..which keeps me grounded and connected to life’s source.

“I’ve been wearing Kate’s handmade jewellery (and getting compliments on them) for over 5 years. I love everything she creates — her pieces are unique, rustic, timeless and perfect for every day.”

Kate’s design process calls on joyful memories shared in nature and brings them into being in the most artful and delicate way.

Kate manages to take what you’re thinking and expertly form it into a work of art and incredible beauty.

Meet the maker

Meet the maker

Kate Macindoe — silversmith, adventure seeker and collector of sea treasures.

I create my nature inspired handmade jewellery on the Mornington Peninsula — each piece is one of a kind, perfectly imperfect, and intended to follow you on all of life’s adventures.